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Cruise the Comet, Cruise full front face, Comet with a friendly face, smiling. Cruise has a blue shiny tail with sparkles.
Cover Background.png
Cruise the comet with a brighter tail, Tail is blue with sparkles
Cruise the Comet with much brighter tail, tail is lighter blue, with sparkles
Uranus with friendly face
Front Cover of Cruise the Comet Visits the Solar System. Shows space background with stars and center is Cruise the Comet
Meet Cruise the Comet, the curious and adventurous comet who has a BIG, IMPORTANT, BURNING question for the Sun!

Join Cruise as he navigates the entire Solar System, encountering friendly comets, fascinating planets, and the treacherous asteroid belt, all on the way to see his favorite star.

This exciting adventure is perfect for young explorers eager to uncover the mysteries of our cosmic neighborhood.

The planet earth with a friendly face, mouth slightly open, speaking, friendly eyes and clouds sporadically
Order Your Copy Today and Blast Off into Space with Cruise the Comet!
Cruise the Comet with a blue shiny tail and sparkles, friendly face
The planet Jupiter, with thick eyebrows, red spot in lower left corner, happy face
Small asteroid with speech bubble that says "hello"

What do readers and listeners think?

Cruise the Comet with heart eyes

Brooke, Age 5

I love Cruise the Comet!

Kade, Age 6

This book is a 10 out of 10! 

Matt, Age 42

My son and I love reading Cruise the Comet. It's educational, fun and clever. A great read for parents and kids!
Cover Background.png

Where will Cruise go Next?
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Cruise the Comet, side face view, his face his friendly, and smilingshiny blue tail with sparkles
Alien ship tipped sideways
smiling grey asteroid with a happy face

Thank you! Talk to you soon!

Cruise the Comet with a friendly, smiling face and blue sparkling tail
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